Calendars and Scheduling

Avoid Google Apps Calendar

Please avoid use of the calendar features of Google Apps.

Here's why.

We use Office 365 for calendaring.    You can view publicly visible calendars from anywhere.

Request a Room Reservation from within Outlook

  • Go to “Calendar”
  • Make a “New Meeting”
  • Look for the “Rooms” or "Add Room" button near the right and click that.
  • Find the room you want. They are organized by building.
  • Add the room to your meeting. Also
  • Click on “Scheduling Assistant” to see when the room is available that fits with your attendees.
  • Pick the requested date and time.
Once you add the meeting, an approval request will be sent automatically to the person responsible for managing the room or resource in question. Note that you can invite multiple “rooms” to the same meeting as well.

Request a Reservation from within Office 365 Outlook online

  • Log in to Office 365 by starting at “” and clicking Office 365 Email
  • Click the 3x3 grid of squares at top left (app chooser) and switch to “Calendar”
  • Click (+) New to make a new meeting.
  • See “Add Room” to add a room.

Reserve a resource (cars, vans, projectors)

To reserve resources, add the resource by inviting the resource to your meeting.  All resources begin with "resource-" so when you go to type the name of the person (or thing) to invite to your meeting, type "resource-" and possibly do a directory search.  All available resources will show up.

If you want to reserve a resource such as a car or van or projector, and are by yourself, schedule a meeting with yourself, and invite the resource to the meeting.

An approval request will be sent to the person that manages the resource, and if approved, your reservation will appear on your calendar.

Schedule an event without making it a "Meeting"

If you don’t want to schedule a meeting but want to schedule an event (without participants) you can do that too. Just open and view the calendar in Outlook (see below), and create your event. The request will be sent to the appropriate person for approval. 

Schedule on the Master Calendar

To schedule an event on the Master Calendar, please fill out this form.  

View a calendar

View public calendars online

You can view publicly visible calendars from anywhere at but you can also add calendars to your Outlook Calendars view.

Peek at a calendar

If you do need to see a particular room scheduling just once, you can go through the meeting scheduling process as above, inviting the room or resource  to the meeting, and just cancel the request before submitting it. 

Add a calendar to Outlook

Complete instructions are here on the Viewing Calendars help page.

Other important notes

  • We can provide access to those outside Montreat such as staff for MRA and Christ Community Church.
  • Calendars for rooms can be published within the organization or to the internet in general if necessary, with the ability to hide detail for published public views and just show availability. 
  • It is possible for more than one person to have approval rights to manage a calendar.
  • We can add other rooms, resources, and event calendars Please send request to - be sure and specify who will be approvers, whether or not the calendar is public, and if it is public, whether or not to list all details, just the title, or just busy / available.