Calendar Delegate (Approver) Tasks

Delegates vs. Full Access Editors

Each calendar has one or more delegate (or approver).  Delegates approve and manage calendar scheduling requests from the community.  (If you are a delegate for a calendar, please see here for instructions.)

In addition, some calendars may have grated "Full access" to others, so they can see full details and edit calendar events but are not delegates.

What Delegates Do for Approval

  • When someone makes a request for a room or resource, the request gets sent to the delegate for that room or resource.
  • The delegate gets a pop-up notice in their outlook Inbox to approve, tentatively approve, or decline the request.
  • If a room or resource has more than one delegate, any of the delegates can approve the request (or edit the calendar at will).
  • If the organizer - the person submitting the request - cancels the meeting, the event gets removed from the calendar.  But the organizer must do this for the event to be removed.
  • The delegate gets a notice when an event is cancelled and can force the removal of the event from the calendar by clicking on "Remove from Calendar."
Remove from Calendar for delegate

Scheduling and Cancelling Meetings

This process is particularly helpful to understand for administrative staff who help schedule meetings for groups of people in our community.

​When you schedule a meeting by:
​a) double clicking on a timeslot in the room calendar and inviting attendees (a natural choice), or
​b) from Outlook, creating a new meeting and inviting the room calendar as well
​Here's what happens:
  1. A request gets sent to the attendees, which they can accept or decline.
  2. A calendar entry appears on the room calendar with a hashed border around it, indicating it is tentative.
  3. A calendar entry appears in the attendee's personal calendars associated with the event.
When someone (or you) approves the meeting, the border turns to solid.

​If you later cancel the meeting by:
​a) right-clicking on the meeting in the room calendar and choosing "cancel" (a natural choice) or
​b) if the event is also on your personal calendar, right-clicking on the entry on your personal calendar and clicking cancel
Here's what happens:
  1. ​A notice gets sent to participants to the meeting that it is cancelled.
  2. ​The subject gets changed with "Cancelled:" in front of it
  3. ​The attendee can click on that, and choose "remove from calendar" if they want.
Some calendar users may for some reason add the event to their personal calendar when you first schedule the event.  Outlook won't delete that one.  It's an entry on the person's personal calendar put there by the person.