Setting Up a New Calendar

You can set up a calendar for your own purposes that you can share with a number of people.  To do this, log in to Outlook Web Access by starting at and going to your Office 365 / Email.  After you log in, choose "Calendar" from the Apps icon - the 9 dots in the top left.

Once you are on your calendar page, find "My Calendars."   You can right-click that text to create a new calendar, which you can name however you wish.  Once created, you can right click on that calendar and choose "Share Calendar..."   where you can add people to your calendar along with specifying what kind of access they should have.

Other people can then add your calendar by clicking on the Plus sign, and typing the name of the calendar to add it to their own view.

If you need to set up a calendar for a room that you want managed and available as a room in Outlook, or if you want a room calendar published on the web, please contact the IT office to set that up for you.  On the web, calendars can be set to display to everyone in the world and listed on the calendar page.

Room details on the public page, accessible to anyone, can be set to:  Availability Only (Busy markers), Limited Details, and Full Details.