Viewing Calendars

Note:  to schedule something (add to calendar), please see "Calendars and Scheduling."

Viewing Calendars via the Web

Go to "" - note that these calendars are visible to the public, and therefore only show busy / available status in most cases. To see more details you need to use Outlook.

Copy and Paste an iCal link to your Calendar

To copy and paste a link from an iCal calendar, right-click (touch device: press and hold.  mac: hold ctrl and click) on the calendar icon    and choose the option to copy the link.  The option you see depends on your browser, but could be Copy Link Address (Chrome),   Copy Link Location (Firefox)  or Copy Shortcut (Internet Explorer).  After you've done that, the link will be copied to your device's clipboard.  

You can the paste the link address into whatever program you want to use.  For Outlook Calendar, 
  • go to "Other Calendars"
  • Choose Open Calendar
  • Choose the From Internet option
  • paste the link into the box.
Note that then you can rename the calendar easily by right-clicking on it and choosing "Rename..."

View a calendar from Outlook on the Web

  • Log in to Office 365 Email via
  • Go to your Calendars app (the 3x3 grid of dots at the top left of your browser window)
  • Right-click on "Other Calendars"    and choose "Open Calendar"
  • In the "From Directory" field, type the building name of your calendar (or room number)
  • Choose the calendar you want to view from the directory search.  You can enter the exact name of the calendar for easier search and reference.  Calendar references look  like an email address, such as "" and they all start with "room-" ,  "events-" ,  or "resource-" ).
Common calendars are listed on the Calendar page (

If you are done with it, you can right click on the calendar and choose "Remove"

View a calendar with Outlook on a Windows PC

You can add and remove a calendar as above under "Other calendars" but there are special options to make it easy to select a Room Calendar in addition to choosing a calendar from the directory.

To open a calendar in Outlook on a Windows PC

Use this procedure if you routinely want to view a shared calendar or a room calendar in your own calendar view in Outlook.
  • Go to Calendar
  • Scroll down on the left to Other Calendars
  • For shared calendars: 
    • Right-click on Other Calendars and choose "AddCalendar" -->  "Open Shared Calendar..."
    • Type the address of the calendar you want to open in the field.  You can alternatively click the "Name" button and search for the calendar by name as well.
  • For room calendars:  
    • Right-click on Other Calendars and choose "Add Calendar" --> "Room Calendar"
    • Search for the room by building name, such as "Belk"

To view a room calendar temporarily

You can try to schedule a meeting in the room, and when you search by room, you will get to peek at the calendar availability for that room.