Contacting Support

Support is available during the course of the business day to all faculty, staff, and students.

For help via phone, please call us at 828-669-8012 x 3663.

For help via email, please email  Be sure and give your message a good subject, and in your message please be as complete as you can, along with text of any error messages you might be getting.  You will receive a ticket number so that we can track the resolution of your problem. This is much preferable to sending any of us email.  If you want your ticket to be assigned to a specific person in our department, just put the person's first name as part of the subject of your message.

Laptop Repair

If your laptop is having problems, our workstudy staff is available to help you with malware removal and configuration or software configuration issues.  Unfortunately we can't do hardware support on laptops we don't own.  But we can help you diagnose the problem and refer you to the appropriate place for repair.