Email and Email Groups

Montreat College uses Office 365 for email, shared mailbox, and distribution group management.

Accessing Email

You can access your email on the web, on your computer (through Outlook), through other email programs (like Apple's Mail) and on your mobile devices.

Accessing Email through the Web

The best place to start is at  From there, click on "Office 365 Email" and log in with your organizational ID (your username followed by  For most people the organizational ID will be the same as your primary email address.

The first time you log in you have to choose your default language and timezone.  Be sure and choose Eastern Time from the very many options.

After you log in, you can then see your email and calendar.  To get to your calendar (and other Office 365 apps) click on the 9 dots at the top left of the window.  You can also open a shared mailbox or another mailbox you have access to.

Accessing Email through Outlook

If you download and install Outlook on your Windows or Mac, you can add your Montreat College account to your set of Outlook contacts.  How to do this depends on what kind of computer you are using.  

On your Windows PC to Outlook 

(instructions are roughly the same for Windows 7, 8, and 10)

Add your Montreat College profile to your "Accounts" under the Control Panel.  In Windows 7, click the start menu, and go to "Control Panel."  On Windows 8 and 10, hold down the Windows key and press Q and type "Control Panel."

Once you have the control panel open, do a search in the search box upper right, for "Mail"

Open that, and add your Montreat College account with your Organizational ID ( and password.

On Windows 8 and 10, adding the account directly to your "Accounts" will integrate your Montreat College email, calendar, and other apps with your Windows OS.

On your Mac

Open Outlook and under Preferences / Accounts, add your Montreat College account with your Organizational ID ( and password.

Apple Mail (and Calendar, etc)

You can add your account to your Mac by going to the System Preferences and Accounts, and adding your Montreat College account with your Organizational ID ( and password as an account of type "Microsoft Exchange."

On your Phone or Tablet

Note that adding your Montreat College account to your phone or tablet will require that you set up a password security mechanism for accessing your phone that must involve typing a numeric passcode.  You can't add your Montreat College account to your phone without this step, and unfortunately, the options do not include other authentication methods like swipe patterns.

But if you still want to add your account to your mobile device, under your Settings / Accounts preferences (which varies by phone) you can add an account of type Microsoft Exchange, and  then add your Montreat College account with your Organizational ID ( and password.

Email Features for Groups

We provide support for groups to communicate via email through several options.  You can choose the technology that best meets your needs, or we can help you make that choice as well. Call us or stop by our office to discuss your needs.

A Shared Mailbox creates a common inbox and calendar, just like a user.  The mailbox has its own email address,  but the mailbox doesn't have a password.  Instead, people in your group can open the shared mailbox and interact with it as if it were their email account. The advantage is that everyone in the group can see sent messages and message threads, and manage the calendar functions.  Shared mailboxes are great for allowing the community (or world) to communicate with a fixed group of people.

A Distribution List creates an email address that gets forwarded to a bunch of different people.  Managers of the distribution list can send mail "from" this address.  Messages that managers send, though, go into that individuals "Sent Items" folder and are not located in a central place.  Distribution lists are great for one-way communications (a few managers sending a notice to a huge set of people within our organization.)  The student email lists are distribution lists.

To request an email feature, please send a support request to, and be sure and include:  The name of your group, a desired email address, and who the members are.

Opening a Shared Mailbox

If you have a shared mailbox, you can open it in Outlook on the Web simply by going to your account profile (very top right) and clicking "Open another mailbox..."  You'll be prompted for the email address of the mailbox you want to open.

If you are using Outlook, shared mailboxes you have access to will automatically appear as separate accounts in your Outlook.   if this doesn't happen, you will need to rebuild your Outlook profile.  Contact the IT office for help with that if you like.