Google Apps

We are glad to announce that we have set up Google Apps integration with Montreat College.

All Google Apps capabilities with the exception of GMail are available for your use.

You can sign on to google from the portal page, by looking for the new Drive item in the navigation menu. Just go to and click on Drive there next to Office 365 Email. Note that you have to be logged in to view this page, so that's good! You've got that done.

Your password with Google is not required to be the same as your Montreat College password, but we recommend that you keep it the same. If we change your password for you, your Google password will also change.

    Move your College Data

    If you have Montreat College data stored in a personal Google account, please move that data to your new account. The easiest way is to change the owner of files in your account.

    Problems Logging In

    Sometimes Google Apps seems to get confused or stuck on a particular account. We're not sure why. But the method that seems to work to get to the account you want is to use the account chooser tool linked above.

    If you're already signed in, you can choose your account from the Google identity menu at the very top right. If you're not signed in, you'll see a complete list of all the accounts your browser knows about.  You can also try typing the account in again when you see "add another account" and that may resolve the problem.

    If all else fails, you can delete cookies in your browser, and that fixes it guaranteed.

    Hopefully Google will make account switching less glitchy in the future.

    Shared Folders in Google Drive

    We are in the process of setting up shared groups to augment and in some cases replace the "J" drive with Google Drive, since it is more convenient for most and easily accessible from off campus. If you want a group set up for your team, and you are the team leader, send a request to "" so we can set that up for you. Please include the members of the group, or a request to add the same set of people that have access to a particular J drive folder.

    Hangouts and Video Chat

    If you want to use Hangouts, you'll have to set up a Montreat College Google+ profile. All Montreat College staff, faculty, and students have College accounts, and it may be an easier alternative than using Skype for Business (lync). Feel
    free to use what you like.

    Avoid Google Calendar

    Please consider not using the Google Calendar, and use Outlook Calendar instead.Office 365 Calendar the calendar of choice here at Montreat, and there is no integration between the two. Unfortunately, we can't turn off Calendar without
    also disabling Hangouts, and Hangouts promises to be very useful.

    Google Drive and Moodle

    Our Moodle portal supports uploading files directly from Google Drive into Moodle. That's pretty cool, and very convenient for students, especially when students need to collaborate on writing assignments.


    Please remember that your Google Apps data is entirely visible by the IT Director and System Administrator should an auditing need arise, and any data you upload to Drive will remain associated with Montreat College. Google Apps is FERPA and DOE compliant in this regard.


    Lastly, we recognize that we have a huge need for training .  Training resources will be posted on this site. 

    Martha Martin in our Bell Library conducted an excellent training webinar.  You can find it on the Montreat Library Webinars Page.

    There are many capabilities open to us through our use of Google's infrastructure,
    including: Google Pages, Classroom, and Forms, so stay tuned!