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Anyone at Montreat College can create a "Class" administered by Google Classroom, for any purpose.  

Google Classroom is a "Learning Management System" alternative to Moodle.  If you are a Montreat College faculty member, and you are using Google Classroom, please make sure and follow some very important steps:
  • You MUST post a link to your Google Classroom area inside your Moodle portal.  Moodle is the "go-to" place for Learning Management Systems at Montreat College, and while you are welcome to use alternative systems, students must be able to go to one system to find their course materials.
  • You will need to manage the enrollment for your Google Classroom class yourself.  The easiest way is to use the sign-up code feature, and post the sign-up code directly in Moodle along with a link to your classroom.  Or you can manually invite your students to your class.

Watch a video about Google Classroom

Help with Google Classroom

To create a class, just go to while you are signed in with your Montreat College account.

For official (and somewhat easy to use) documentation on how to use Google Classroom, please go to the Google Classroom Help Center >> 

More information is coming soon as we develop it for our Montreat College community.  At the present time, our main expertise is with Moodle, but please feel free to invent, experiment, and innovate as much as you are able and willing to engage your students in new and exciting ways.