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Help Topics for Google Drive

Help with specific Google Apps is available directly from Google (more coming soon)
  • For help with basic Google Docs management in Drive, the overview is really all you need  -  
    General documentation on Google Drive i here:   Drive Documentation

Shared Folders in Google Drive

We can set up a share group to make it easy to share content from Google Drive with other faculty and staff.  If you want a group set up for your team, and you are the team leader, send a request to "" so we can set that up for you. Please include the members of the group, or a request to add the same set of people that have access to a particular J drive folder.   

We can also share your folder with everyone in the organization, and then you can make a subfolder inside it that is private to your group. Our IT folder works this way. Only IT Department members can see the private folder inside the IT Department main folder. We put documents available for everyone in the main folder, and private documents for our department in the private one.

What about share groups with students for classes?

At this time we have no way to create share groups for classes other than doing it manually. You are welcome to make a group for a class. Just be sure and give it a good name, like "CS 302 Class" - so that you can determine its purpose later.

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