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You are welcome to create a Google Group for your class or organization.  But please follow these naming conventions:

Groups for Courses

Groups for courses should have the word "class" and then the year as a prefix, and should include section information if necessary to disambiguate. 

For example, "Class 2015 EV 102 Summer 2" would be a good name.

Groups for Organizations

If you have an organization, you are welcome to name the group after the organization itself,

For example, "SGA" or "Academic Affairs Office" would be good names for groups.  But be sure that you have the relevant authority to make a group before you give it a name.

Groups not well named

We reserve the right to rename or remove any group that does not seem appropriately named or is otherwise out of place.

Group Types

We would encourage you to use the "Web Forum" group type.  Note that an email group is not possible in our organization because there's no way to forward email replies to the group from Office 365.

If you need a specific permission group for Google Apps, Sites, Docs, or Drive, please let us know so we can set one up for you appropriately.  But in general, you can create groups and then assign permissions to access resources as needed.  Note that you assign group permissions using the "group email address,"  but please also note that this is not a real email address.  Office 365 doesn't know how to route mail to it.