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Manage your own Web Page Content

The IT department can set up for you a Google Site, a website that you can manage.  You can use it to post syllabi, vitae, excursion logs, blogs of trips, and other things related to Montreat College community.  

In order to control the links that are used to make sites, the IT department will need to create a site for you and then give you and your group permission to edit and manage it.    Please fill out the Google Sites Request form to complete a help desk ticket to get that done.

Note:  If you create a Google Sites that is not authorized by the IT department, we may change the URL of your site, or if it belongs in an existing hierarchical structure (such as, for example, under "excursions" or "faculty", you will have to copy your content to the authorized location and the site you create will have to be removed.

If you want your site to be available to visitors outside Montreat College, we will need to get Communications Department approval for it, which we can arrange.

Getting a link to a page in your Sites

To get a link to a page in your Sites, to use elsewhere, like in Moodle, ust simply copy the link from your browser URL area, and paste it into Moodle. It should look something like this:

You can also use URLS that look like this:

where replaces