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Welcome Students

Welcome to Montreat College!

Here's a brief orientation to Montreat College services - where to go to do different things, and links to find out more about how they work

Information Technology Help

First off, notice that you're on the Information Technology welcome page, where you can find info and help for accessing IT related topics at Montreat College.  you can always come back here to browse and look at this information again. To get here, you can go directly to "online.montreat.edu" in your web browser and look for the help links.

What kind of Computer?

We recommend that you have a laptop.  Any modern laptop will serve your needs well at Montreat College.  Note that Adult and Graduate Studies students have more specific requirements.
  • Laptops should have a wireless Interface for connecting to Montreat College’s WIFI network.
  • Adobe Reader and Flash installed on your system.
  • Ability to run Microsoft Office suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Windows-based systems must be running Windows 7 or later. Windows XP and earlier systems are not permitted on our network
  • Recommended: to connect and use a USB Memory Stick
  • Macintosh-based systems should be Snow Leopard or later, able to run Microsoft’s latest Office release.
  • Most tablets, especially iPads, may be useful, but do not provide enough functionality to use for all work. 
iPads are not able to display Flash videos, and many Android tablets have more limited functionality.  They may be useful, but may not be sufficient.  Tablets running Microsoft Windows Home or Pro (not RT), however, are sufficient.

Software You Can Use

Microsoft Office

With your continued enrollment at Montreat College, you have an included license for the Microsoft Officesuite, for up to 5 devices (Windows, Mac, and mobile).  That includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook (if you don't want to use Outlook Web Access for email), and a few other programs for Windows. To download and install, you'll need to log in to your Office 365 Email account, click on the Gear icon at top right, go to "Office 365 Settings" at the top of that menu, and then click on "Software" on the left sidebar.

Google Docs

With your College account comes a subscription to Google Docs and other Google Apps.  You're welcome to use these for classwork.  If teachers require that you submit your work in Word format, you can download these documents and export them in Microsoft format.  See below.


Skype for Business (was Lync)

As a student, professors may ask that you use Skype for Business in some of your classes. Make sure you've downloaded and set up the Office suite above to use that.

Hangouts with Google Apps

We also support Hangouts for video conferencing.  There's a handy Hangouts meeting link maker on our online.montreat.edu Hangouts Page portal as well.  Use it to pre-schedule any meeting.

Start at "online.montreat.edu"

Our online web portal is "online.montreat.edu" and from there you can get to many services directly.  It's a good idea to bookmark that link, or make it a favorite, so you can get back to it easily.  It has links to some commonly used services.  You will see some common links across the top navigation

Office 365 Email

Montreat College uses Office 365 for email.  You may have already found how to access your email if you received a link to this page and followed that.  So congratulations!  We use Office 365 Email for all of our email communication,  to conduct all of our room and resource scheduling, and to share calendars with one another to see who is busy when.  

Whenever you use email to communicate with other faculty, staff, or students, it is Montreat College policy to use your official college account to send  email, and not a personal email account. 

Email, Usernames and Your Name

Use your organizational ID (username@montreat.edu) for your login to Office 365 Email.   Your organizational ID may not be the same as your primary Email address, particularly if you change your name and request a new email address for your account.  Old email will still go to your account if you do get a new email address.  Contact your adviser or the registrar if your name changes.

Google Apps Details

Google Apps Account

You may have your own personal Google account.  Montreat College also provides a Google Apps account for you to use, to help foster collaboration and provide document management tools.  Montreat doesn't use Google for email, though, so that is turned off.  If you have a personal Google account, you may need to get used to switching your active account.  You can also use two different browsers, like Firefox and Chrome - one for your student tasks logged in to your student account, and the other logged in to your personal account.

Use your organizational ID to log in to Google Apps (username@montreat.edu)  You have a Google Apps account, with access to Google Drive for using Google Docs and other applications, Google Forms, Google Classroom, and other Google Apps - everything except email is supported.   On the online.montreat.edu portal page you'll see links to commonly used Google Apps services as well as standard, shared Google Drive folders that are accessible from outside the college network.

Store Files on Google Drive

Montreat College uses Google Drive (drive.montreat.edu)  to share documents and resources among community members.  If your teachers use Google Apps, they should be sharing documents only with your College account.  All teachers have a Google Apps account, and you can share a document with them by name this way.

Edit Documents with Google Docs

Google Docs, available inside Google Drive, is a great way to edit documents for class.  You can easily share your work with your teacher, the writing center, or other students where they can comment on it.  You can also collaborate on documents in real time - several people can edit the same document at the same time. 

If you need to have your file as a Microsoft Word file for submission to Turnitin, or to submit to a professor who may not use Google Docs (some of them are still learning -  be patient!), you can download the doc as a Word file to your Documents area, and then upload it or attach it to an email.  Or - just copy and paste the link to the Google Doc from the url area of your browser.  If you want to send a link be sure and share the document to be viewable by anyone with the link!  Note that Google Docs keeps a record of changes, too, with timestamps, which is useful if you need to show a professor that you completed certain work at a certain time.

Conference and Chat with Hangouts


We do not advise that you make heavy use of the Calendar feature of Google Apps.  Here's why.

Self Service

Self service is at selfservice.montreat.edu and is the webportal into Montreat College's Student Records and Billing System.  Log into it with your username.  No @montreat.edu.

Check Grades and Official Schedule

Check your official class roster, register for classes, and view your grades and unofficial transcript using Self Service.  It is the front end face to our internal student information system.   Use just your username to log in to Self Service.

Self Service shows your OFFICIAL class list.  If a class you're taking is not listed in Self Service, then you're not officially registered for it, even if you're actively going to the class and participating.

Register for Classes

Registration for classes opens for different semesters at different dates.  Please check with your adviser about registration periods.  Your adviser will also walk you through the registration process.

Check Balance and Make Payments

Self Service includes a "Finances" tab.  When you look at your finances please do pay attention to the adjsuted / anticipated balance due at the bottom, which includes unapplied financial aid.

The Finances tab also includes a button to "Make a Payment."  You can pay any portion of your balance with that interface.

Research with the Library

The library provides reference services for all faculty and students.  For faculty, the library can put on reserve and available a number of e-books and other electronic resources to make your classroom experience richer.   For students, librarians are on call to help you with research.  Our library has access to a vast collection of online articles and databases to help you with your academic work.

The Library Help site contains a very useful "ask a librarian" feature for students.

In addition, the Library provides forms for inter-library loan and reserve requests.  The library staff can research compile a collection of online PDFs or other resources that your students can access to further their education.

Passwords for accessing the library reserves and online library materials are available under the Library Help page as well.  You'll need to log in with your college credentials to access that information.

Proofreaders at the Writing Center

The College provides very effective and timely writing help.  You can get the Writing Center to proofread a paper, which will vastly improve the quality of your writing.  They can check the format of references, too.  You'll need to allow for at least 24 hours for draft review, along with time to integrate feedback into your final submission.  So it's not good to wait till the last minute to write papers.

Just email your paper to "writingtutor@montreat.edu."  or, if you're using Google Apps, share your document with "writingtutor@montreat.edu" and THEN send them an email with a link to your document.  The email is important - it will be used to correspond with you through the proofreading process.

Writing Center help, along with proofreading,  is available to all students, including online and Adult and Graduate program students.

Share with Students in the Community Room

This room contains a place to post prayer requests and for-sale items.  It also contains a few other helpful resources and documents provided by different groups on campus, such as Student Services and the Chaplain's Office.  The Community Room is part of our main Moodle portal.

Connect with Class Online in Moodle Portals

online.montreat.edu is the primary gateway to Moodle portals.  Montreat College uses Moodle as its primary learning management system.  

Montreat has two main Moodle portals:
  • Moodle for Online Programs is the red bordered one, and it contains courses delivered only for the Online AS, BBA, BPHS, and MSML programs.
  • The other Moodle portal contains all other classes including online PLUS classes.  (PLUS classes are classes that fulfill advanced degree prerequisite requirements.)
If you don't find your class, you might go back out to online.montreat.edu and try the other portal.

All Moodle portals require only your username to log in.  No @montreat.edu.

All courses are added automatically to Moodle, with instructors appearing in those courses within 30 days of start date, and all students appear in those courses wtihin 7 days of the course start date.

If you need help with Moodle, please see the Faculty Staff room.

If you want to use another system, such as Google Classroom or a system provided by a textbook. you should link to the relevant resource from within your Moodle class instance.

Directory in Student Info System

For Traditional Program students only, you can see a college directory of students, with pictures, in the Student Directory.  Just log in to the Student Info System.  No @montreat.edu to log in.

Additional Links

Our website home page at www.montreat.edu contains additional service links under the Current Students and Faculty & Staff links at the top.